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Government statistics have shown that around 60% of burglaries carried out on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful. This suggests that burglar alarms are a useful deterrent for prospective criminals.

There are two types of alarm system. The first option, and most common, is the traditional "bells only" system.
The second option is a "monitored alarm", which may be worth thinking about if you have a lot of valuable property, or you live somewhere isolated. Monitored alarms are connected to an "alarm receiving centre" where someone will alert the police if an intruder is detected.
The big difference between a bells-only and a monitored burglar alarm is police response. You need to know that the police will not respond to a bells only alarm unless they receive confirmation from you, your family, or someone else nearby, that there is a burglary in progress.

Police will respond to a monitored alarm when an alarm-receiving centre notifies them. However, from October 2001 newly installed monitored alarms must also use "confirmation" technology to receive a police response.Here people at the alarm-receiving centre check using either CCTV (to see an intruder), an audio connection (to hear an intruder) or something called "sequential confirmation". Sequential confirmation sounds a bit complicated, but basically this means detecting an intruder using sensors in a number of different places in or around your home - to spot if someone is moving around.

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Wire-free alarm system
Our award wining wireless security systems provides you and your family the peace of mind that only the most advanced alarm systems can provide. The system is the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, wireless home / office security intruder alarm systems available in the UK. Incorporating patented ‘pet-friendly’ detectors are available at no additional costs.

Advances in technology have now led to detection devices that are pet immune. It’s no longer necessary to shut the cat or dog away in an unprotected room or not set the alarm system. These detectors are immune up to a weight of a 83lb/38Kg animal but will still activate if there is an intruder.

January 29, 2022
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